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New Vendor Application

Tanana Valley State Fair New Vendor Application

Lessee (Booth Name):
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Fair ID No:
Phone Day:
Gaming Permit # (game booths or raffle for money)
Payment schedules, Cancellation information, and Ticket information may be found in the Lessee Rules and Regulations which will be sent to you when you are approved as a new vendor
List the nature of your business (include all items or products sold, services rendered or available.) If necessary use a separate piece of paper and/or send pictures. If a Lease Agreement is offered, you may not display or sell any items not on this list without prior written approval of the FAIR.
Listing these does not guarantee availability of power
Most spaces provide one 20 amp plug. Most cords attached to outdoor power receptacles must have a GFI attached. List all electrical devices and wattage demand of each. If none, state NONE.
Will you need more than one 20 amp plug?

If so, how many do you need and why ?
By signing this Application, I indicate that I have read and understand that this is not a formal lease agreement. This is an application to be considered a new vendor. If approved, you will be asked to fill our a lease agreement form.
Applicant Signature
1800 College Road, Fairbanks, Alaska 99709-4173 (907) 451-5555 Fax (907) 456-7971
e-mail me at 
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