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Vendor Lease 2019

Tanana Valley State Fair Association

1800 College Road

Fairbanks, AK 99709

(907) 451-5555 FAX (907) 456-7971

For All Vendors who, upon approval, wish to participate in the 2019 Tanana Valley State Fair.

*One booth per application.

Basic Lease Agreement Information

This lease is made between the Tanana Valley State Fair Association, Inc., Lesser hereinafter referred to as the FAIR, and the above named Lessee. Lessee is the person to whom the FAIR may look for all commitments of any kind. This Lease Agreement is not binding upon the FAIR until it has been signed by the Concessions Manager. Lessee shall permit the FAIR or its agents and employees to enter upon the leased space at all times for the purpose of inspection.

Lessee, in entering into this lease agreement, expressly acknowledged that he/she has received, read and fully understands the rules and regulations controlling the use of the lease space, as set forth in the booklet, Lessee Rules and Regulations, which is made part of this Lease Agreement. It is understood that the Lessee, Lessee's employees, volunteers, agents or representatives are responsible for the actions or inactions of all persons participating in the use or operation of the leased space and Lessee shall assume full responsibility for them.

Payment schedules, Cancellation information, and Ticket information may be found in the Lessee Rules and Regulations. Call Doreen at 907-451-5555 or email for payment. No REFUNDS. All booths must be ADA accessible.

List the nature of your business (include all items or products sold, services rendered or available.) If necessary send an email and/or send pictures. Once a Lease Agreement is issued, you may not display or sell any items not on this list without prior written approval of the FAIR.

Location of booth space is not guaranteed.

Company Information

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Postal Code
Phone Number
Secondary phone
Website URL
Previous Vendor

Proposed items for sale & prices
Most spaces provide two 15 amp, 110 volt GFI sockets. List all electrical devices and wattage demand
of each. State if none. No guarantee of power.
We no longer offer grey water dumping facilities. How do you plan to deal with grey water?
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Booth Type See booth information below

* Food Booth Spaces

Base Lease Rate ($1750)

Prime Space Differential ($310 per space)

Adjacent Space 10 frontage (part of same booth ($800) (if available)

Any booth using substantial amount of electricity will be assessed a $100 electrical fee

*Non-Profit Booth Space

Non-Profit Rate ($600) Outdoor or Indoor

Adjacent Space (part of same booth ($520) (if available)

Prime Space Differential ($245 per space)

*Craft Booth Space

Outdoor ($700)

Adjacent space (part of same booth $675 (if available)

Prime Space Differential ($310 per space)

*Craft Tent ($625)

Adjacent Space (part of same booth $525 (if available)

Daily Tables ($75)

*Commercial Booth Space ($795)

Adjacent Space (part of same booth $685 (if available)

Oversized Space ($875)

Adjacent oversize space ($775)

Prime Space Differential ($310 per space)

Your Contract includes 30 tickets, except for craft tent daily users. Each additional sheet is $50.00

Vendor Parking (Lot 3) $50 each. Limited to 2 spots per vendor

All vehicles are to be off the grounds by 11:30.

No vehicles or camping will be allowed to stay on the grounds overnight, without prior written approval of management.

Doreen Low, Concessions, Operations Manager

451-5555/ Fax 456-7971

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